Stepping off the ledge

Funny how inspiration and life lessons show up in unexpected places. Like sweating profusely trekking down a slippery slope in Paradise. Without water. My husband and I recently celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. We decided that the best place we could celebrate was in Paradise (or as most people know it, Big Island, Hawaii). This … More Stepping off the ledge


“The thing about trying to remember your life is it makes you wonder what any of it means. You get the feeling life means something, but you’re not sure what. Life has a peculiar feel when you look back on it that it doesn’t have when you’re actually living it.” Donald Miller, A Million Miles … More Perspective

Begin again

New beginnings are a good thing. I love the beginning of a new year when I have a fresh calendar with clean pages full of possibilities. I love the beginning of a new day when I sit with coffee in hand, dogs snoring softly at my feet and my brain waking up with the possibilities … More Begin again