Begin again

New beginnings are a good thing.

I love the beginning of a new year when I have a fresh calendar with clean pages full of possibilities.

I love the beginning of a new day when I sit with coffee in hand, dogs snoring softly at my feet and my brain waking up with the possibilities of a new day.

I love reading a new book. Pages that wait to be devoured and new adventures to dream about as the protagonist experiences life on a page and in my very vivid imagination.

Beginnings are good.

I blogged at A Little of This and That for almost 10 years. I was more faithful when I first started in the days before Facebook and 140 character jots at Twitter or snapshots of my life on Instagram. I used to have many words to share. And then my words seemed to trail off into the busyness of life and raising kids and suddenly I was mute by the overwhelming day to day and many things that I could not write about publicly.

It’s been a very, very hard 2 years and my voice was gone – at least my public voice.

So now seemed like a good time to start fresh. A new blog. New thoughts swirling around in my head. More of this and that from a suburban mom with no chicks in the nest just sharing about the good, the bad; life that’s sweet and sometimes sour. Life looking for beauty in the broken and mundane.

I hope you’ll stop by every now and again. Cheers to fresh starts. And cheers to finding my voice again.


8 thoughts on “Begin again

  1. My favourite part of the day is morning with so many possibilities on the horizon! Congrats on your new paper and ink (blog)!!!


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